2010 Passion Week

This week is Passion Week! That is what we call the final week of Jesus Christ leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection. Each night this week we are having service at 7pm to follow Jesus day by day as He was preparing to bring us salvation on the cross. Each night we will have some special worship, and a message by a different teacher. Keep checking back this week for updates to this page to listen to the messages that are brought forth. Also, Lord willing, we will have video of the teachings up on here very soon!

Sunday: Triumphal Entry

Message: Pastor Jerry Simmons (Click here to listen online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Triumphal%20Entry.wmv' ]

Monday: Temple Cleansing & Fig Tree Cursed

Worship: Calvary Chapel Mid Valley

Message: Richard Bueno (Click here to Listen Online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Passion%20Week%20-%20Monday.wmv' ]

Tuesday: Jesus' Last Day Of Public Ministry

Worship: Calvary Chapel East Anaheim

Message: Mario Mendoza (Click here to Listen Online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Passion%20Week%20-%20Tuesday.wmv' ]

Wednesday: Jesus In Bethany

Message: Jesse Hernandez (Click here to Listen Online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Passion%20Week%20-%20Wednesday.wmv' ]

Thursday: The Last Supper

Message: George Sedota (Click here to Listen Online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Passion%20Week%20-%20Thursday.wmv' ]

Friday: The Crucifixion

Message: Russell Burrell (Click here to Listen Online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Passion%20Week%20-%20Friday.wmv' ]

Sunday: The Resurrection

Message: Jerry Simmons (Click here to Listen Online) [mediaplayer src='http://mp3.cclivingwater.com/2010%20Passion%20Week/Passion%20Week%20-%20Easter%20Sunday.wmv' ]