December Mexico Trip

As we just arrive back from our fourth trip in Mexico I am truly amazed at how great our God is. As you know we have had the opportunity to minister at Dios Es Mi Refugio a church in Tijuana these last 5 months. The Lord has truly provided and led every step of the way from the moment we took a leap of faith. This trip we had the great honor of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you can see in the pictures we started by decorating and setting the stage for a great Christmas play. We were all so amazed at how good the play went (especially since we pretty much prepared the night before and most of us don't speak spanish). The Lord also blessed us with just the right amount of bread, rice, beans, and clothes to provide for all of the families that were there. Our hope is as it always has been, that the Lord would use us to strengthen the congregation for His glory. Please continue to pray that God would build relationships with us and them that both would be encouraged to finish the race. God bless

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