Pastor Cisco Is Cancer Free!

Pastor Cisco spent the day at the hospital yesterday, having some tests and scans done to check for blood clots. Everything came back clear. No clots anywhere in his body. All of his blood work shows a real positive impact from his surgery.

The biopsy came back positive, it was malignant kidney cancer. The fatty tissue of the kidney protected it from spreading in his body. So he is cancer free!! He requires no chemo-therapy, radiation or anything like that. They will continue to check his blood every six months, but other than that there is no treatment plan.

Please pray for:

-Lenora (his nurse from yesterday), she just became a Christian. She is attending Harvest and asked for prayer in her faith, that she would continue to grow.

-Eva (his doctor from yesterday), she is asking for prayer for strength for her stressful life as a doctor.

-Mark (the technician specialist), he is a new believer and was baptized, but he knows he needs to attend a Christian church. He asked for prayer that God would lead him to the right church.