Awesome Wednesday Night Service!

What an awesome Service we had last night! It started out with the celebration of Larry and Vianne renewing their vows after 30 years of marriage. They are such a wonderful example of a Godly couple to us all!

Next, Daniel is back in town to attend his sister Jamie's wedding. Also, Joanna Ruiz (CC Ginowan) and Dawn Takamiya (CC Tokorozawa) are in So Cal to attend the pastor's wives conference in Murrieta. So Nick and Zack came from the bible college to hang out and fellowship with everyone.

Finally, Monique and Savannah showed up, driving all the way in from CC Hagerman, Idaho. Everything happened all in the same evening! They are also here to help out at the wedding.

Whew, what a night. God is so good! We were blessed and encouraged by pastor Jerry out of Isaiah 55 and had some sweet fellowship over cake and ice cream.

Welcome everyone... Hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did!