Cashless, by Mark Hitchcock

There will come a day when the new generation will have never known cash, or nickels, dimes, pennies, or quarters for that matter. This concept is not hard to imagine, society is already becoming  cashless. A cashless society will have great potential in linking together all countries in the world into one mega economy. The New World Order will be convenient, efficient, and the answer to many problems. One ominous detail cannot be overlooked, a cashless society setting the stage for one global economy is the 1st step preceding the coming of the antichrist. Money will be replaced by a mark, either on the right hand or forehead, without it one cannot buy or sell any items. This mark will label those that have it as a follower of the antichrist. In the transition to a one-world economy, 10 leaders will arise to take the reins. From these leaders, one unknown political figure will take charge. Very quickly he will rise to power with his charisma, and speaking abilities – and many will come to worship him. This will be the beginning of the end of the world, for God’s wrath shall pour upon man like darkness consumes the sky come nighttime. After much of the world is destroyed beyond recognition, and half of mankind lay dead, our mighty savior Jesus Christ will come to the world’s rescue once again. While the future looks bleak, there is a piece of hope we believers in Christ can take refuge in – we shall be caught up to meet Jesus mid-air, before any horrors begin to befall the world. -Justine

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