You Are My Hiding Place, Lord by Emilie Barnes

Have you ever woken up minutes before the alarm was set to go off? Under the warm blankets, dark peaceful atmosphere, and behind closed eyelids your mind can drift peacefully and uninterrupted. It is bliss, and the outside world does not exist in the quiet, soothing and calming world of under the blankets– but, still, a small voice at the back of the mind gets increasingly louder as the seconds tick away. “Don’t forget to do this…” “You made a commitment to be here…” “The kids are going to want…” “…. Should be up soon and will need…” “What about your to-do list?”  There is traffic mounting louder outside the window, the dog is barking louder than needed, and the phone has already began to ring much too early, and above all is that thought of, “Today will be more than you can handle.” And in all actuality, it is too much for us to handle. Even the simplest of days are draining, exhausting, and …frustrating. Because like Peter, we cannot stay afloat on our own. The world is taunting, begging to pull you under – and while under the blankets is a hiding place efficient only for children (and even that is debatable) we can safely take refuge in an even better place – within the Lord. The Lord is that force that keeps you afloat! Sane! Joyful! The Lord is the one whom gives you strength, energy and wisdom to do what is necessary to be done. Really, there isn’t a need to run away – turn to the Lord throughout your day and he will give you the comfort you need. Talk to him – express praise, concerns, feelings, thoughts, seek him – read the word, listen to worship; be aware of the Lord your God and your search for refuge will not be in vain. Emilie Barnes offers wise advice on making time for the Lord, and the benefits it means for you. For without God, everything is too much to handle, with God there is no need to fear. Are you fearful, worried? The Lord, awesome that is He, is waiting for you.


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