Surviving Financial Meltdown by Ron Blue & Jeremy White

If you're old enough to read this, than you surely know that our once thriving economy has taken a rather frightening plunge. It is not as though we were rich before, in that we could afford everything we’ve ever wanted. Most budgeted before, and the way things are going now most don’t know which will go first – the house, or one’s sanity. Perhaps you know, in your mind that is, that God can help you pick up the pieces, or prevent such a financial meltdown from occurring. Yet the Bible mostly views money in a negative light, and then there is the phrase - money does not buy happiness. This we know, but it can certainly cease most of our worries – so are we wrong to stress over something so temporary? Not at all, for the Lord knows our needs and as long as we are first seeking Him he will not hesitate in aiding us. We know we can come to God for wisdom, for strength, for guidance and that he has instructed us to plan for the future, to remember his promises, to not be gluttonous, to go for stability and not “get rich quick” schemes. But what does this mean and how can this be applied to surviving the struggling economy? Ask for wisdom in how to divide your money among expenses – the T.V needs to be replaced, but with what will you pay for gas next week? Set money apart for nothing, just to save – plan for the future, and consider possible outcomes that might call for quick cash (a ticket, home repairs, etc). Don’t be a glutton with the expenses you have, shrink bills any way you can – how many lights are on but not being used? How long did you leave the sprinklers on? Consider everything you leave plugged in but are not in constant use. Remember that the economy is never stable for long, so take assurance that this has happened before, and ergo has been lived through. You do not have to fret, as long as your focus stays on God and you follow His instructions, everything is going to be okay. Ron Blue along with Jeremy White offers amazing, reassuring tips on saving money and remaining sane (by offering biblical examples) throughout it all.


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