Building Your Financial Fortress In 52 Days, by Kevin Cross

Often times, the more money you have the more safe you feel. Money equals stability, money says you can afford to live another day, week, month, etc. Only money is fickle and temporary, we are only left feeling secure until the next paycheck – and even that promise isn’t written in stone.  Do you know what the best thing money can do for you is? Strengthen your faith. There are two routes to go - the one where God is whispering that perhaps your money would be better spent performing His will, or the route that screams, “Omg! Look at that watch! Outfit! Slot Machine! The food at BJ’s!” If you find yourself praying before making any purchase and awaiting God’s confirmation before spending, you will find God will keep to His promise of taking care for you, thus an onslaught of renewed and strengthened faith in the Lord. The trick is to keep focusing on Jesus Christ, because no matter how you spend your money people will talk, mutter, shake their heads and glare at you disapprovingly. Except our hope is in God, not man, and thus the Lord’s opinion is the only that counts. Nehemiah started off wealthy, without lacking of anything and yet when he felt God pull on his heartstrings to leave it behind and follow His plan -  he did so without so much as a whispered complaint.  It must have been hard, to go the way where the only one who knew what would become of Nehemiah was God. Wait right there, tell me what is there to fear when God has a plan for us again? Is your mind drawing a blank? It should be! Because only God can proved real security, and he will be faithful to us as long as we keep coming back to Him. Nehemiah prayed, sought God, and spent his money on what God approved and he was blessed for it, even blessing others in return. Just as Nehemiah is our example, we can be an example with how we control our own cash flow. Remember to not lay your hope in money, but in the Lord your God. -Justine

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