Keeping Your Cool When Your Anger Is Hot, by June Hunt

Anger has once been described to me as the result of unmet expectations. I find that explanation to describe anger to a T; if you would recall every single instance of anger you will find what preceded was a happenstance of being let down. Ergo, depending on what type of expectation was unmet, anger can be a tool one needs to hone, or a tool that needs its edge to be dulled. We are in the business of making our own plans, trying desperately to control our own lives – and so when something occurs to thwart that, wrath puffs out our chest faster than helium can fill a balloon. It’s hard to remember that God does everything for a reason, hard to imagine what good can possible come out of “this” situation. Many times an angry person is so because of events that transpired years and years ago.  I am not claiming that we do not have a right to get angry, or even that anger is the wrong emotion to feel. But when it dwells in us, destructing our heart and disrupting our lives, then it is time to give it to the Lord. I understand that that is easier said than done, which is why reading this particular book is my suggestion to learn how to do just that! Yet other times anger is the result of righteous indignation, for God has given us the desire to see justice served. Even if anger is the “right” emotion to feel (for the bible never states anger as a sin, just what usually results from it), it is still best to give it to the Lord, for only He can show you the right way to turn your anger to motivation to accomplish what God would want you to accomplish. -Justine

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