Breaking The Worry Habit...Forever, by Elizabeth George

Not to worry is impossible…practically. Think about it – if fires, earthquakes, debt, or mudslides don’t get you then car accidents, poison, illness and public ridicule certainly will! Since we know that certain things in life cannot be avoided, what can one do but worry and fret over every minuscule detail in an effort to be on the safe side? But here is a known, yet often forgotten fact: worry does not, in fact, land you on the “safe side”. What worry does is beat you over the head with the worst possible outcomes ever, making you fearful and timid. When you’re sweating bullets because a “what if” thought popped into your head – where is your faith? What happened to trusting in God? Is this situation really too big for Him? Are you drowning? Faith can make you walk on water! Are you facing intense opposition? The Lord is your hiding place! Are you worried about what to do? God’s word holds all the answers! This book is great on offering an abundance of advice all to aid peace and squelch worry. But the most important and helpful thing is to look toward God. Remember what worry is really trying to tell you – that this is too big for you, and that the Lord will not see you through. If looked at from that angle, worry is a lie we trap ourselves in! God knows where you are right now, and right before this, and right after that and still He knows where you are always. Comfort yourself in knowing that nothing will happen to you without the Lord’s knowledge and will; remember that the Lord loves you, therefore what is there to fear? -Justine