True For You But Not For Me, by Paul Copan

What is truth? Most modernists would akin truth to perspective. They say truth is in the eye of the beholder. But that theory has more holes than Swiss cheese, for there is truth, ergo the body of Christ need not back down to such arguments. We can affectively spread the truth of Jesus Christ to non-believers whilst efficiently answering commonly-heard accusations such as, “Christians are narrow-minded and intolerant of others,” “There are too many views for Christians to be the only ones that are right,” “all roads can lead to heaven,” “What gives Christians the right to try to persuade others?” and so on and so forth. Yet those who say it is all a matter of perspective, and that reality depends on those who are interpreting it – believe in a flawed debate. Just because there are differing viewpoints, does not mean there are parallel or different realities. But there is a way to stand our ground; the way God wills us to do so. We are called to share the good news, and it is with grace and humility that we are to do it with; sharing our faith the way of boasting and arrogance will only cause others to turn deaf ears. Paul Copan discusses critical judgments, how to overcome them, and how to do so with intellect and grace. -Justine

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