50 People Every Christian Should Know, by Warren Wiersbe

“50 People Every Christian Should Know” hosts the best list of role models deserving of that title, I have ever read. These are people that did not aim to draw followers to themselves, but to Christ. These are people who prided the name of Jesus, and did not puff up their own. These are men and women that exhausted every last resource that had to please the Lord our God. Such faith they had in Jesus, such wisdom and bravery they attributed to God, without a doubt they would be perfectly described as people after God’s own heart. The things they accomplished were awe-worthy because it was truly within the will of God. They sought to save, rescued the lost, cared for the needy, nursed the children, spread evangelism, brought truth to those lost in lies. They fought for Jesus when necessary, and leaned on Jesus to promote peace when necessary. They breathed to perform the will of God; it’s easy to imagine their hearts beating in perfect harmony as they used their lives to build such intimate relationships with the Lord. There are many these testimonies have helped, and continue to help to this day. There is so much wisdom and inspiration to be drawn from the lives of said people, the presence of God clear in every person. -Justine