A Thousand Shall Fall, by Susi Hasel Mundy

This book is an amazing true story of God's provision and protection for one family during World War II. Franz and Helene Hasel were Seventh Day Adventists who lived in Germany. They were committed to honoring God by keeping the Sabbath and obeying the dietary regulations of the Old Testament. Franz was drafted into the German military at the onset of World War II and assigned to a bridge building company. He was on the front lines, and His faith and commitment to God were tested severely. Susi tells how her father survived and was able to remain faithful to his beliefs. Time and again God miraculously protected Franz through the worst circumstances!

While Franz was on the front lines, Helene had her hands full taking care of their four children. Food was rationed, supplies were low, the city was bombed, there was pressure to join the Nazi party, and many more life-threatening challenges. Helene and the children also learned to trust God and watched Him provide for them and protect them supernaturally.

I was blessed and encouraged by this book that reminded me that our amazing God is able to take care of His people in ways we cannot imagine. There are unspeakable atrocities committed during World War II, but this book does a good job of focusing on the work of God and not describing the horrific details of war.