Beautiful In God's Eyes, by Elizabeth George

Whether one has “a face to launch a thousand ships” or not, it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts for beauty. The prettiest of us, are often the most conceited or haughty as well, which means those the world deems “beautiful” truthfully isn’t so at all. What’s inside matters, because that is what God sees when he considers us. A pure woman with a thoughtful mind, a generous heart, working hands, sweet words, a faithful spirit and an able body makes for one pretty lady. What’s beautiful in God’s eyes is a woman willing to help those in need, a woman who encourages instead of demeans her husband, a woman willing to rise at dawn to keep house and feed her family, a woman faithful to follow God at His every word. A beautiful woman isn’t Miss USA poised and ready for a close up, it’s the grandmother who stayed up late knitting you a blanket to keep you warm in the cold. A beautiful woman isn’t tanning on the hood of a car; she’s wisely counseling a friend in need. A gorgeous woman doesn’t spend her days seeking to please her own wants, but uses her time to ease the burdens on others. A beautiful woman is as useful as a soldier in conflict, using skills to help others instead of looks to get others to help her. No need to waste hours getting beautified, God isn’t so petty, wake up and seek Him and realize no one is prettier than those God has deemed beautiful.-Justine