The Wonder of Heaven, by Ron Rhodes

Can you imagine what it will be like to die? To take that last breath, and have your mortal body forever fall asleep on earth? Imagine thereafter, being a soul, and just a soul – clean and full of light accompanied by the mightiest of Kings – Jesus Christ. In Heaven we will remain, our spirit in a state of perfect fellowship with Jesus, until the day of resurrection. On that day the Lord will reunite every believer’s spirit with a new, grand, immortal, forever-lasting, and never-dying resurrected bodies. These bodies shall be great in that they shall not wither away in the direct presence of God in all his glory. They will be truly joyous times – where every single moment is a reason to worship the Lord; where Satan, sin, death, loneliness, hunger, pain, inadequacies, jealousy, insecurities, betrayals, anger, or sadness need not ever be feared nor experienced again. While we await that day, we must keep in mind the fact that one day we will stand before the White Throne of Judgment where God will judge our every thought, action, and words on earth. God has given us so much, and more blessings await us in heaven, in the New Jerusalem – should we only live a life pleasing to Him. -Justine

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