The Fundamentals Of Walking With God, by Jason Duff

When you first accept Jesus into your life it’s thrilling, like love at first sight with passion like a firecracker. While new relationships are stimulating, relationships that have had time to form strong bonds, faithful trust, and the like is something to be admired. Those that have walked with Jesus for a time have such deep confidence in their Savior and wisdom from their God, such peace is a trait worth jealousy. How do you nurture a relationship with God to grow to such immeasurable strengths? You have gotten to know whomever you care for by listening to them – God’s word is to be read, actively listened to (meaning you don’t just hear what God is saying, but you dwell and mediate and obey His words). Just like you want to spend all your time with your beloved, so it should be with the Holy Spirit who would love your undivided attention like no other. How did you get your beloved to fall for you? Do you not praise and lavish that person? Worship to God, too, is fundamental to building such a bond with Him who is worthy of such praise. What made you know your beloved is to be trusted? Pour your heart out to God, pray to Him and see how conversing with your maker can bring even more strength to your bond. There are other fundamentals to be read in this book, but what’s important is they all have to do with loving Jesus, and doing the things that please Him.-Justine