His Favorite Wife, by Susan Ray Schmidt

You could live an entire lifetime aware of the wrong, but if you're not walking with the Lord you're never able to pinpoint it. It’s like when your raised a certain “way” with everyone opinionating that “this way” is the “right way” and you don’t even realize until so much later that that “way” isn’t the case for everyone. When something is wrong, or off, you will take notice - maybe it’s a slight tensing of the stomach, or a thick atmosphere or just some nagging feeling telling you that your lack of satisfaction is not unfounded no matter how much the world tells you it is. At fifteen years old Susan Ray Schmidt dreamed of being one of many wives to a husband; one day she would have “sister-wives” and they would all share one husband graciously, while being the perfect sisters and mothers while he was away. That, after all, was the way life was to be lived, according to her family and her entire church and the church’s “living prophet” Joel and even the Mormon church’s book of scriptures. But when her dream became reality, she couldn’t find joy in a spec of it. Bitterness, jealousy and resentment made their way among the “sister-wives” and all the various children, while hunger and exhaustion and utter need fell alongside such feelings. Eventually Susan came to the conclusion that God, in all His divine beauty and graciousness, didn’t desire her misery. This is about finding God thus finding truth even amongst the graduating class of false teachers. Praise, because this is another story of a soul out of a dark world of lies into the light of Jesus’ simple truths. -Justine