Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

Love is the closest thing to magic we have, a miracle in itself. Falling in love is thrilling, heart pounding, and exhilarating. Have you ever loved someone so much that making them happy made you happy? Who hasn’t dressed a certain way, cooked a certain dish, or wore a certain scent just to please the one you love? Who hasn’t felt that sharp pain, like a rusted blade in the heart, when there was something amiss in your most meaningful relationship? This is the love we should feel for God – completely, adoringly, faithfully, never-ending, heart-bursting love. Because the creator of the universe, the most powerful, beautiful, wisest, truest, strongest, magnificent, most awe-inspiring being loves us. Us, who sometimes can go for days with nothing more than a few mumbled prayers to the Lord. Us, who act as though singing the words along to some songs an hour a week is more than enough worship for God. God loves us so much, he has taken the time to get to know everything about us. Us, who sometimes only give God two days a week in church, where we listen to the word of God with sometimes only half a mind. Have you ever given your love something that sparkles in the light? God has given us the sun. Have you ever picked flowers for the one you love? God has created for us all that grows. Is your relationship with the Lord, “God, I luv ya,” or is it (as Francis Chan experiences it), “God, I am so in love with you!”? -Justine

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