Big God, by Britt Merrick

Sometimes horrible things happen. Sometimes one comes home to find their house has been robbed, sometimes a phone call means an affirmation of termination from work, sometimes a doctor comes bearing news that a five-year-old little girl has stage 3 cancer. Such incidents bring heart-wrenching agony, but coming to the Lord in such dire times (who is bigger than any problem perceived, imagined or otherwise) is balm to the heart, and euphoria to the spirit. God calls us to do things we would never consider save for the Lord. Maybe God has made it necessary for your only child to be sacrificed, or to leave your home since birth to travel to an unknown land, or to begin building a gigantic ark before evidence of what for is seen, or maybe to risk your life to shelter God’s people in a foreign land. Such things seem crazy and scary and make most people want to hide in the belly of a fish, yet God is capable of keeping you upright no matter what the storm. On our own, on the other hand, we will trip under water on our own two feet. The fact is nothing happens without God’s consent, and like Britt Merrick discovers as he prays for the recovery of Daisy Love’s cancer-ridden 5-year-old body, is that when we completely surrender ourselves to God His love is more than enough to sustain.-Justine