Peace Child, by Don Richardson

Sawi - or headhunters, or warriors, or jungle-villagers - governed themselves in the thickest part of the Netherlands New Guinea wildlife. In their world, tradition dominated over logic, as the Sawi tribe adapted to their ancestral ways of treachery taking the place of honor. The phrase "to fatten with friendship for the slaughter" described not only their way of life, but their mind-set as well. Men who could charisma their way into a deep and seemingly intimate friendship would often due so just for the intention of later murdering and eating their ironically named "friend." When the gospel of Jesus Christ is introduced to such men, they idolized Judas (our Hero's traitor!) According to their perspective, a man devious enough to make merry with someone like Jesus for three years, only to turn on Him is a man to be revered. For people who respect such wickedness, how does one make them see the power of Jesus’ love and the grace of His forgiveness? Read this novel of a people groping about in darkness, as they learn the death of God’s only son is enough for peace for eternity. God’s word is miraculous and Jesus saves! This story of a tribe being brought into the light can open your eyes to that fact, just as the Sawi’s eyes were opened to His might. -Justine