When A Woman Lets Go Of Her Fears, by Cheryl Brodersen

It’s hard following after God when there’s an invisible chain that tethers you down. Maybe your mind thinks, “God is strong” and your spirit feels like, “God is my shield” but then the pit of your stomach buts in and goes, “But I don’t know… this looks risky. Who knows what can happen?” That chain that keeps you down where the Lord would free you is one powerful opponent – Fear. On one hand, fears can keep you safe. Fear of pain equals things like helmets and kneepads. On the other hand, fear can be the biggest bully. Fear tells you to avoid talking to people because there might be rejection. If fear controls all that you do (even in the most mundane circumstances), then it’s time to give them up to God. Of course, for a lot of people, giving your fears to the Lord is scary in itself. Because what if *gasp* He makes you face them? Trust in the Lord, and see that doing things His way is always best and your faith will be all the more secure as a result. What it comes down to is this – is it better to be a slave to fear or a servant to Christ?-Justine