Ruth Graham Bell: Celebrating

How lovely it is to meet someone on fire for Jesus! They that whole-heartedly seek after Him are beautiful. Those who are so in love with Christ are the best people on earth, aren’t they? True followers of Christ are honest, sincerely thoughtful of others, and inspiringly considerate of Jesus and His role in their life. Ruth Bell Graham shined with the light of Jesus so much so, possessing all the aforementioned qualities and more. There are so many different perspectives about her from her siblings, to her parents, to her husband, to old friends; every single incident had someone in admiration of Ruth. Snippets of her life and moments in time reveal Ruth as a wonderful woman, even her “faults” (which I should mention seem to only be found by Ruth herself) are endearing. Reading the biography of someone that can be described as an apple of God’s eye is like cold water on a hot day - refreshing.-Justine