Foxe's Christian Martyrs, by John Foxe

If I were to keep constant focus on Christ, if I were to be burned alive at stake, I am confident His love for me could be felt burning hotter than the flames that would lick my skin. If you were to be isolated for following Jesus, if your name was to be hideously slandered, I am confident His love for you would be a comforting companionship that could out rival any supposed friendship on earth. Men would torture, kill, maim, and abuse those who seek after God’s divine will and Word. Yet for all these men have “achieved”, God’s kingdom could not, would not, shall not be stinted in advancing among the hearts of His followers. Skeptics and catholic Pharisees and all non-believers in between, could not stop others from following Christ, not for lack of trying (no, men truly outdo themselves and their resources when trying to destroy what God has planned) but because God is that wise, powerful, mighty, that far ahead of us. I think if the entire world went blind, His Word would then be audibly heard. Picturing things like starvation, infection, burnt flesh, beatings and the like would make anyone cringe. To imagine going through such things just because you were a disciple to God is horrific to mention, yet when “Foxe’s Christian Martyrs” went through such ordeals most lifted their hands, praising God for his influence, even to the end. This is how mighty God is, and how he can sustain us so – His love and strength mightier felt than any opposing influence on earth.