Traitor, by Daniel Massieh

The first time Daniel stepped foot into church he did so with the intent of catching Christians practicing lewd and sinful acts of which he was sure they practiced. To his initial disappointment these Christians didn't engage in such acts, and the confusion led him to question God later on that same night. The moment he realized who God is as his loving Father (and not as a diety posed to strike at whim) his life took on an entirely different purpose. So enamored was Daniel with Jesus Christ that he set to spread the good news throughout Egypt, but in a Islam land this was a dangerous mission. More than shock and bewilderment, there was intense anger toward Daniel's transformation. His evangelical mission eventually led him to a tiny prison cell where starvation, bitter cold, and darkness was all too real; but the reality of God and His love for him was a presence felt even stronger. This is an extraordinary read, reminding us how the love of God prevails and how it preserves those who love Him no matter how dire the surroundings. -Justine