Set-Apart Femininity, by Leslie Ludy

It's kind of mind-boggling that the Lord finds you perfectly beautiful - is it not? Most of us don't fit into what society says is perfect beauty, so it seems who can pull off "allure" but some runway model? You look in the mirror and see flaws flaws flaws, what shouldn't be, what use to be, etc - and this is what the world will tell you that you aren't pretty unless you have this makeup, this body, weigh this much, and it goes on. But God says you are beautiful, and the Lord is always always right. This is a call to pursue the Lord's definition of beautiful (because without Him, we are the opposite of attractive), not what the world tells you is gorgeous. It's easy to think and hard to do - because many of us fear if we stop trying so hard that no one will give us a second glance, even if it is petty to yearn for attention from anyone but the Lord. This book doesn't preach about not caring whatsoever about how you look, but it calls attention to fitting into the world's standards vs. following God in His way. Because Naomi Campbell seemed really pretty until the news that she had an ugly temper and hit her maid with her cell phone came out. And haven't you ever noticed someone so kind-hearted, good and on-fire for Jesus that beauty never seemed so beautiful?