On Being A Leader For God, by Warren Wiersbe

The church desperately needs good leaders, but what makes a good leader? In this book Warren Wiersbe shares what Christian leadership is all about using the Bible and his vast experience in churches and ministry.

This book is meant to be a sequel to the well-known and loved book On Being A Servant Of God by Wiersbe. In that book we have a powerful exhortation to serve God's people and maintain a servant's heart in ministry. In this book we have a broader look at the responsibilities, character and Biblical description of a Christian leader.

Wiersbe has an amazing style which makes his points easy to understand. He weaves into the chapters illustrations, stories and examples that help the truths sink in as well as give us a sense of their practical applications. He does not just write about theories or ideals, but he helps us to see what it looks like in a godly leader.

Wiersbe addresses topics such as discipline, opportunities and problems, personal giftings, authority, responsibility, accountability, humility, delegation, new methods, opposition and much more.

I strongly recommend this book for all Christian leaders, whether you are leading within the church or somewhere else. These truths will challenge you to make the most of the role that God has given to you.