An Altered Life, by Pancho Juarez

God’s Word will accomplish His works, and not return to Him void. This we know, yet does it stop us from secretly thinking that some people just seem to be lost causes? For all the praying and all the sharing of God’s Word, there is always that person whose life seems to remain completely unchanged. The testimony of Pancho Juarez is one of hope, and a great reminder that no one can hear of God, our savior, and not be affected by it. Pancho grew up poor, surrounded by meager conditions and became greatly troubled by people who only had their own best interests at heart. As an adult he turned to drugs, alcohol, worldly music and concerts, as well as thievery. He welcomed all that the world had to offer him. Though God was there all the while, sending a woman – Millie (the future Mrs. Juarez) to share the truth of Jesus Christ with Pancho. Millie was forever trying to show Pancho how much he needed the Lord – only to be met with intense opposition complete with yelling, flying objects, and insults galore. Eventually Pancho reaches heartbreaking obstacles he cannot overcome alone, and finds that making the confession that he needed Jesus was the best decision he could ever make. Here is a truth – God can alter even those who seem to be first in line to the gateways of hell to one who seeks to confirm to God’s will for their life with as much enthusiasm as a wildfire. -Justine

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