Chasing The Dragon, by Jackie Pullinger

Chasing The Dragon surprised me in many ways, over and over again. I cannot say enough, of just how much I loved this book. For a little over a year now, I've noticed God revealing more and more to me about the Holy Spirit, when up until that time, He, the Holy Spirit, seemed like such a mysterious part of the trinity. In many churches, we nearly ignore His presence and work all together, treating His help and gifts as optional extras to our relationship with Christ, only for edgier, more radical Christians, and that the average follower of Christ, can continue following Jesus without seeking His help.

This book ministered to me in this, that the more Jackie utilized the Holy Spirit's promise of help and empowerment, the more people were freed from the darkness of drugs and sin. We read stories like this, of great revivals, where the Spirit moves with the velocity and potency of lightening, and we wonder why we don't see Him at work around us today. The answer is us. The Holy Spirit, God, is offering the same help, guidance, gifts, and power that He did when He came upon the disciples at Pentecost. Someone shared with me recently, that they think the American church today is afraid to receive the power of the Holy Spirit; I don't think that's too far off. I look at how much Jackie sacrificed in her 20 years in the Walled City, and know surrendering my fears, reputation, time, and much more is something God wants of me and that I'll have to be willing to give up anything and everything. I can say that I am willing and desire to be totally surrendered to God, but I can't say it isn't a daunting thought for my flesh.

The kind of church family Jackie started in Kowloon is something not many of us have ever experienced; it seems almost alien, but you can't deny the fruit that came from it or God's presence in that work. I've only heard one person speak in tongues before, what would it be like if every believer prayed that way; if I could pray that way?

Chasing The Dragon, by Jackie Pullinger inspires me to seek God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, fully, desiring everything He has to offer, all He wants me to give up, all the He wants to bless me with, and all the ways He wants me to grow and change. 1 John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out all fear. If I can just cling to God's love for me, and trust in His proven promises, it won't matter how much total surrender scares me. God's love is perfect and undermines my fears, empowering me to surrender all.

-Hannah M