This Week

Sunday, 8/18/2013                        Jeremiah 5

10:00am, Prayer

10:30am, Worship Service*

6:00pm, Evening Service                Children’s Trailer

Monday                                   Jeremiah 6

7:00pm, Young Adults Study         Children’s Trailer

Tuesday                                   Jeremiah 7

7:00pm, Hour Of Prayer

Wednesday                                Jeremiah 8

7:00pm, Worship Service*             Jeremiah 1-8

Thursday                                  Jeremiah 9

7:00pm, Women’s Study               Children’s Trailer

Friday                                     Jeremiah 10

7:00pm, E3G Youth Service           Children’s Trailer

Saturday                                  Jeremiah 11-12

12:30pm, Youth Trip To The Harvest Crusade

* - Children's Ministry Is Provided

Upcoming Events

Sept 21st-Nov 2nd, Equipped To Believe – Saturdays, 6:00pm

Sept 22nd-Nov 3rd, Equipped To Believe – Sundays, 10:30am