Share Your REPORT

Let us know who you connected with, and how we can pray for them.

Connection Reports

A “connection” happens when anyone allows you to pray for them, or when you have a Christ-centered conversation with someone. We ask that you share these connections with the church so that we can join with you in prayer for the people God connects you with.

Connection Vision

1. Connect with an offer to pray

God has called us to the specific ministry of connecting with people one by one. Reach out with the love of Christ to people around you. Offering prayer is one way to start a conversation and relationship with a person.

2. Give the person opportunity to connect with the church

After your conversation or prayer, give the person a Prayer Card. This gives them the opportunity to share additional prayer needs, or praise for answered prayer. Prayer cards are always available on the back table.

3. Connect the church to the person

We are one body working together to accomplish what God has set before us. Sharing about your encounter helps us to pray for you and the person you connected with.


August 4th - Acts 8:26-31

Pastor Jerry shares about the Connection Vision

What is a "Flashlight Fellowship"?

Flashlight Fellowships are what we call a specific kind of outreach event where we gather together in a public place and approach people with an offer to pray for them.

We call these Flashlight Fellowships because we are joining together (fellowship) to provide the light of Christ to an individual (flashlight).



Team Up
Meet at the specific location to pray with the group. Then team up with one or two people.

Avoid Grouping Together
Each team should walk a different direction around the parking lot or sidewalks.  

Connect With One Person
Connect with and offer to pray for at least one person.  Give them a prayer card. One is enough.

Tell Us
Share with us so that we can be praying for that person. Make the prayer card true. Share the name and the specific prayer request along with any other information you want to share.