September - Youth Magic Mountain Trip

Your Name: Jonathan Horne

Event Name: 2014 Six Flags Magic Mountain & CC Burbank Fellowship

Praise Reports: This past weekend, we had the opportunity to take the Youth on Friday Night to CC Burbanks Youth Group for a time in the Word & Fellowship. This was a great time, as we spent praying, discussing and fellowshipping with one another. 
Afterwards, the youth guys went to spend the night at the Avendano's house & the girls spent the night at Girl Youth leaders house, because the following day (Sat) we where heading out to Six Flags, along with the CC Burbank Youth.
It was truly neat, first off, because for every person that came from our church, they invited a friend that normally doesn't come, or has never been to our church, to join us. So it was a blessing to be able to minister and fellowship with new people, and see our Youth actually inviting people.
It was also a blessing, because like every year, we have a time, that we stop going on the rides, and just sit and seek God through His word. Adam McMillian shared during this time on BOLDNESS. 
With the message on BOLDNESS... it was also neat, because Irene stepped up, when she overheard some of the kids from CC Burbank, puttingdown other kids from CC Burbank.... she basically was BOLD in the LORD and shared why they shouldn't be doing things like that, if they are in the LORD.
The rest of the day was just a sweet time having fun in the Lord... edifying one another through our words and actions... and most importantly, just building relationships

Lessons Learned: Get more rest before the day of a Magic Mountain Event. We where all dead tired the following day. (Sunday)

June - Youth Beach Bash

Your Name: Jonathan Horne

Event Name: 2014 Youth Beach Bash

Praise Reports: This years Beach Bash, was a total blessing! We had over 100 Youth, and Leaders attend this event, along with their families!
We had at least 2 rededications to The Lord, and a number of Youth who where prayed for, and a few who asked for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in order to FOLLOW & live for Jesus!
And a nun-explainable event accord.... One of the Youth Groups brought Hamburgers, bot only enough for their group! However... All the other youth saw that they had hamburgers, and being teenagers, they decided to get into their food line! The Youth Pastor saw this, and told his leaders who where worried, to just feed whoever comes! And well... long story short... They had enough to feed everyone, with 2nd and a few leftovers!
So GOD was definitely GREAT this past weekend!

Lessons Learned: Don't forget the lighter fluid!

June - Creation Museum

Your Name: Jonathan Horne

Event Name: 2014 Creation Museum/San Diego Fellowship Day

Praise Reports: It was truly a blessing, as 21 Youth, Leaders & Parents attended this event. It was really neat to take the Youth to the Creation Museum and learn about how we can trust in God's Word, from the beginning to the end. It was really neat to actually see them attentive during the tour.
Then afterwards we took the group to Seaport Village and held a scavenger hunt, which surprisingly, everyone participated in(even though most of the task made them look silly). And it was neat, because part of the scavenger hunt was to ask to pray for people, and I know that at least 2 or 3 people where prayed for.
Then we went to a park, played games and had a time of worship & the word!

It was just really neat, because we had a few new faces( 5th Graders going into 6th Grade). And we had a few who joined us that came because they where invited.

It was just really neat, to see the Lord knit the hearts of our Youth Group, even closer then before. And at the same time, be encouraged to Hear from God & Believe in His Word fully.

Lessons Learned: Only thing to remember for next time.... is to strongly encourage everyone to meet at the time we designate, to meet, so we could leave on time.


March - Youth Magic Mountain Trip

Your Name: Jonathan Horne

Event Name: 2014 Youth Magic Mountain Trip

Praise Reports: It was a totally blessed trip. God definitely did a wonderful work. The fact that HE even got this group to go is a blessing. A few of our youth kids invited a few friends who don't go to our church, and/or don't have relationship with Christ, to join us (actually 1/3 of our group this year, fell into this category). I personally was able to talk to them about Jesus and who He is, and His desire for their lives. No decisions where made, but I know seeds where planted, and at the end of the trip, they desired to come back.
It was also a blessing, cause I know for me personally just seeing our Youth Group get closer to each other and desire to seek the Lord... and know God's Word! One youth actually came up to me and said, "I used to think you where boring, and fall asleep while you taught, but now I think your really fun and I really enjoy your teachings!"
One cool thing was, how Christ brought CC Mid Valley and our Youth Group together as a family, to he point, Sat. morning, many of them where really bummed that CC Mid Valley wasn't joining us for Magic Mountain. I was blessed by this fact, cause usually when we do things with other churches... even like Roman's church... our youth, and the "other youth" still are standoffish! But just the few hours we spent in Worship, Word, Communion, and fellowship... I truly can say change peoples lives and perspective!
All to God's Glory!

Lessons Learned: Encourage our youth even more to invite friends!!! It is a blessing to see our Youth want to see others know who Christ is!

March - Night Of Champions

Event Name: 2014 Night of Champions

Praise Reports: It was such a blessing to have attended the 30th Night of Champions.

For E3G Youth, at first it was a bummer, because we had 12 signed up & paid for to attend this event. But do to a "rash" of illness" we ended up with only 6. But those 6 where the one's the Lord desired to go. 
It was awesome, because we brought 2 Youth boys with us. One being Sammy Avila, who plays football. He was truly ministered to by, one of the speakers who plays football for APU. After the event, Sammy, told me that he as encouraged, that being a "Football Player" isn't what he needs to be identified in High School as, but just as the speaker spoke, God needs to first in his life.
The other Youth boy that we brought, Jose, was just blessed to have fun in the LORD. He skateboards a lot... and hasn't been doing to well in School. He was encouraged, to focus on what the Lord has called him to be, which is a student.

We also brought, one Youth girl with us. It was a blessing to see her get out of her "shell" a little, by doing some fun and outrages stuff, that I don't think she would do normally.

And as a group, as a whole, we where all blessed, because we mostly spent the whole time with Calvary Chapel Mid-Valley's Youth Group. So just the fellowship was very sweet. 

As a whole, it was just a blessing, to be able to spend quality time with these Youth.

Lessons Learned: Make sure, everyone takes Vitamin C... so they don't get sick the day before an event, and have to cancel.

February - Youth Winter Retreat

Event Name: 2014 Youth Winter Retreat

Praise Reports: Just a few Praise Reports:
Concerning E3G Youth:
God did a wonderful work. I know for our youth as a whole, the Lord knit our hearts, as a Youth Group, closer together. 
The Lord personally spoke to Irene, who at the time was going through dealing with her mother being in he hospital. And the message she had to prepare for, was exactly what she needed to hear to get help her, and her family through the whole situation.
It was a blessing to see a few of our Jr. High girls go up on Saturday Night to rededicate their lives to what the Lord.

From CC Inland:
This is what Roman wrote: "Definitely blessed this year. We had the opportunity to bring some youth that didn't attend our church so that was cool. Also, heard some cool things from our youth about The Lord wanting them to do certain things, it was great to hear them inclined to the Lords voice. Lastly it was a sweet time of prayer on Saturday night with a few of our Youth boys. God is good, let's keep praying they grow up knowing The Lord. "

From CC Perris Valley:
It was told me, that their Youth Group was blessed, because their youth have attended other Retreats with other churches, but they felt that this Retreat focused more on the Word than any other Retreat they have been too. As well as they had tons of fun. They where blessed to have been apart of this Retreat.

As a whole, the Retreat ran very smoothly. Those who shared the Word, were great! The time we had for After Glow, was awesome, in that many Youth came up for prayer. And by the end of the Retreat... I know that all who attended, where Encouraged and Equipped to put Christ as the ONE THING in their lives.

Lessons Learned: Try even harder to collect the money for the Retreat earlier.
Try and have fliers and information out to the other churches earlier.
Do a few more fundraisers for our Youth Group.

Calvary Chapel Youth Winter Retreat 2014 RECAP Video - "ONE Thing" Music by Jesus Culture "One Thing Remains"