February - Youth Winter Retreat

Event Name: 2014 Youth Winter Retreat

Praise Reports: Just a few Praise Reports:
Concerning E3G Youth:
God did a wonderful work. I know for our youth as a whole, the Lord knit our hearts, as a Youth Group, closer together. 
The Lord personally spoke to Irene, who at the time was going through dealing with her mother being in he hospital. And the message she had to prepare for, was exactly what she needed to hear to get help her, and her family through the whole situation.
It was a blessing to see a few of our Jr. High girls go up on Saturday Night to rededicate their lives to what the Lord.

From CC Inland:
This is what Roman wrote: "Definitely blessed this year. We had the opportunity to bring some youth that didn't attend our church so that was cool. Also, heard some cool things from our youth about The Lord wanting them to do certain things, it was great to hear them inclined to the Lords voice. Lastly it was a sweet time of prayer on Saturday night with a few of our Youth boys. God is good, let's keep praying they grow up knowing The Lord. "

From CC Perris Valley:
It was told me, that their Youth Group was blessed, because their youth have attended other Retreats with other churches, but they felt that this Retreat focused more on the Word than any other Retreat they have been too. As well as they had tons of fun. They where blessed to have been apart of this Retreat.

As a whole, the Retreat ran very smoothly. Those who shared the Word, were great! The time we had for After Glow, was awesome, in that many Youth came up for prayer. And by the end of the Retreat... I know that all who attended, where Encouraged and Equipped to put Christ as the ONE THING in their lives.

Lessons Learned: Try even harder to collect the money for the Retreat earlier.
Try and have fliers and information out to the other churches earlier.
Do a few more fundraisers for our Youth Group.

Calvary Chapel Youth Winter Retreat 2014 RECAP Video - "ONE Thing" Music by Jesus Culture "One Thing Remains"