March - Night Of Champions

Event Name: 2014 Night of Champions

Praise Reports: It was such a blessing to have attended the 30th Night of Champions.

For E3G Youth, at first it was a bummer, because we had 12 signed up & paid for to attend this event. But do to a "rash" of illness" we ended up with only 6. But those 6 where the one's the Lord desired to go. 
It was awesome, because we brought 2 Youth boys with us. One being Sammy Avila, who plays football. He was truly ministered to by, one of the speakers who plays football for APU. After the event, Sammy, told me that he as encouraged, that being a "Football Player" isn't what he needs to be identified in High School as, but just as the speaker spoke, God needs to first in his life.
The other Youth boy that we brought, Jose, was just blessed to have fun in the LORD. He skateboards a lot... and hasn't been doing to well in School. He was encouraged, to focus on what the Lord has called him to be, which is a student.

We also brought, one Youth girl with us. It was a blessing to see her get out of her "shell" a little, by doing some fun and outrages stuff, that I don't think she would do normally.

And as a group, as a whole, we where all blessed, because we mostly spent the whole time with Calvary Chapel Mid-Valley's Youth Group. So just the fellowship was very sweet. 

As a whole, it was just a blessing, to be able to spend quality time with these Youth.

Lessons Learned: Make sure, everyone takes Vitamin C... so they don't get sick the day before an event, and have to cancel.