March - Youth Magic Mountain Trip

Your Name: Jonathan Horne

Event Name: 2014 Youth Magic Mountain Trip

Praise Reports: It was a totally blessed trip. God definitely did a wonderful work. The fact that HE even got this group to go is a blessing. A few of our youth kids invited a few friends who don't go to our church, and/or don't have relationship with Christ, to join us (actually 1/3 of our group this year, fell into this category). I personally was able to talk to them about Jesus and who He is, and His desire for their lives. No decisions where made, but I know seeds where planted, and at the end of the trip, they desired to come back.
It was also a blessing, cause I know for me personally just seeing our Youth Group get closer to each other and desire to seek the Lord... and know God's Word! One youth actually came up to me and said, "I used to think you where boring, and fall asleep while you taught, but now I think your really fun and I really enjoy your teachings!"
One cool thing was, how Christ brought CC Mid Valley and our Youth Group together as a family, to he point, Sat. morning, many of them where really bummed that CC Mid Valley wasn't joining us for Magic Mountain. I was blessed by this fact, cause usually when we do things with other churches... even like Roman's church... our youth, and the "other youth" still are standoffish! But just the few hours we spent in Worship, Word, Communion, and fellowship... I truly can say change peoples lives and perspective!
All to God's Glory!

Lessons Learned: Encourage our youth even more to invite friends!!! It is a blessing to see our Youth want to see others know who Christ is!