September - Youth Magic Mountain Trip

Your Name: Jonathan Horne

Event Name: 2014 Six Flags Magic Mountain & CC Burbank Fellowship

Praise Reports: This past weekend, we had the opportunity to take the Youth on Friday Night to CC Burbanks Youth Group for a time in the Word & Fellowship. This was a great time, as we spent praying, discussing and fellowshipping with one another. 
Afterwards, the youth guys went to spend the night at the Avendano's house & the girls spent the night at Girl Youth leaders house, because the following day (Sat) we where heading out to Six Flags, along with the CC Burbank Youth.
It was truly neat, first off, because for every person that came from our church, they invited a friend that normally doesn't come, or has never been to our church, to join us. So it was a blessing to be able to minister and fellowship with new people, and see our Youth actually inviting people.
It was also a blessing, because like every year, we have a time, that we stop going on the rides, and just sit and seek God through His word. Adam McMillian shared during this time on BOLDNESS. 
With the message on BOLDNESS... it was also neat, because Irene stepped up, when she overheard some of the kids from CC Burbank, puttingdown other kids from CC Burbank.... she basically was BOLD in the LORD and shared why they shouldn't be doing things like that, if they are in the LORD.
The rest of the day was just a sweet time having fun in the Lord... edifying one another through our words and actions... and most importantly, just building relationships

Lessons Learned: Get more rest before the day of a Magic Mountain Event. We where all dead tired the following day. (Sunday)