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Equipped To Lead

This is a seven week course designed to help you learn Biblical leadership from examples in the Bible.

Examples include: Jesus, Moses & Joshua, David, Saul & Absalom, Ezra & Nehemiah, and Paul. 


Course Workbook:

The workbook for this course is now available as an eBook! It is available for Phones, Tablets, PC, Mac, or any Web Browser.

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Printed Workbook

We can print workbooks for those who need it. Please use this button to let us know that you need a workbook printed.

Session Videos & Worksheets

Session 1 Image.png

Session 1 - Leadership Overview

Session 1 Worksheet

Session 2 Image.png

Session 2 - Lead Like Jesus

Session 2 Worksheet

Session 3 Image.png

Session 3 - Lead Like Moses & Joshua

Session 3 Worksheet

Session 4 Image.png

Session 4 - Lead Like David

Session 4 Worksheet

Session 5 Image.png

Session 5 - Do Not Lead Like Saul & Absalom

Session 5 Worksheet

Session 6 Image.png

Session 6 - Lead Like Ezra & Nehemiah

Session 6 Worksheet

Session 7 Image.png

Session 7 - Lead Like Paul

Session 7 Worksheet