Barnett Family Okinawa, Japan

Barnett Family

Okinawa, Japan

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Pastor Rick

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Kristy Barnett

aron Berndt San Isidro, Costa Rica

aron Berndt

San Isidro, Costa Rica

Betts Family Clovis, New Mexico

Betts Family
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Yolie Betts

February 2014 Video Updates

Douville Family Hagerman, Idaho

Douville Family

Hagerman, Idaho

Pastor Dion

Pastor Dion

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Cindy Douville

May 2015 Update

We have had a great year of life and ministry. 
As a family we grew by one as Josh and Erin had their first baby boy(Benjamin). (Cindy and I are way to young to be grandparents!) Josh and Erin were able to buy a house down the street from us and we are so blessed to see them all the time. Josh is still serving in the Church as one of our worship leaders and our youth leader. Blessed to have him alongside. 

Cindy is currently overseeing our Sunday school department in-between taking care of me and being a full time realtor. I am blessed to have a proverbs 31 woman.  
We have also had a full year of ministry. This year we took a step of faith and went to two services on Sunday mornings. It has worked out great. As I learned during my time at Living Water it has been great for those serving to be able to serve & stay in fellowship. 

On the 25th of May I will be taking the family and 12 other people on a mission trip to support our friends and missionaries the "Gause's" Pastor Ryan & his family(picture is included) were  sent out of Hagerman as church planters two years ago. They are currently finishing up a one year commitment to plant "Calvary Chapel La Paz". Please pray for our trip and the Lords Guidance as to the location of their next church plant. 
We had an awesome Sunrise service on Easter. We held our service on "Ridder Island" A small Island off the snake river. Had a wonderful time of worship, followed by a biscuit and gravy breakfast. A young couple accepted Jesus. Was truly a great day serving Jesus.
Julianna designed and helped us remodel our nursery -She did a great job.

David & Denae Downs Ferrara, Italy

David & Denae Downs

Ferrara, Italy

David Downs

David Downs

Denae Downs

Denae Downs

February 2015 Update


Pray that the Lord would raise up people in the church to have a heart to serve in kids ministry, projection etc. Denae is now meeting every Sunday morning with Violyn, 10 yrs old. Our Sunday school is so small this is more like weekly discipleship. Pray for wisdom and that Violyn would become fully and passionately committed to Christ. She is already reading her Bible at school and explaining it to her classmates.  The Lord has been bringing various people to us from a nearby US military base. Pray for wisdom and grace-how to minister to them, how to conduct services (English/Italian), pray against division/cliques (English and Italian speakers). 
PRAISE! We have been so encouraged by some of these new relationships. Namely, one sister that is passionate about the Lord has brought some real refreshment and encouragement to us. Praise God!  


That the Lord would bless our relationship with Marco and Laura. Dave is no longer teaching Laura english but Denae is taking an exercise class she teaches. Pray the Lord would open more doors to develop relationships with locals.


Pray that spiritual maturity, love, peace, unity and harmony would abound and that our marriage would be used to draw others to Christ. PRAISE! A LOT of good growth and fruit has been borne suddenly in the last few weeks. Thank you for your prayers!


Wisdom in how/when to have leadership meetings/pray with one another, for consistency and discipline in this. That we would have unity and growth in our relationship and team/how to organize church things.


Denae has begun to write Scripture songs in Italian. Pray for inspiration, motivation, creativity, collaboration. David, Denaeand Tyler (a missionary in Montebelluna) made a music video for an Italian song about heaven and submitted the song to iTunes. There is very little being birthed or created and ver little use of these mediums in the Italian language. Pray this would draw many Italians to Christ and inspire other Jesus loving Italians to be creative for Christ. 


Dave is currently at the Pastor's Conference in Austria. Pray his time would be blessed, his vision renewed, his love for Christ rekindled, for refreshment. Denae is staying with Maria Cambra and kids during this time. Pray her relationship with the Cambras would be one of mutual encouragement and depth. 

December 2013 Update

Recent Update From David Downs

Eichelberger Family Leander, Texas

Eichelberger Family

Leander, Texas

Pastor Aaron

Pastor Aaron

Becky Eichelberger

Becky Eichelberger

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Garcia Family

Bakersfield, CA

June 2015 Update

Prayer Requests

·         We need continual prayer for foundational leaders to help us in ministry out here in Bakersfield.

·         We need a solid worship leader to lead us in worship.

·         We need prayer on finding a new location. Right now we share a building with a Korean congregation.

·         We are trying to build on a junior high/high school ministry, so pray for the kids to come as we want to cater to this age group.

·         I would like prayer for a young gentleman by the name of David Garcia and his fiancée and Andrelle Sanchez ( soon to be married Aug 8th) they are a young couple in the Lord that I've been discipling for the past year, and I feel they have a calling to do great work for the Lord Jesus.

·         Please continue to pray for me for God's vision and leading in the ministry here in Bakersfield California.

·         Please continue to pray for my family!

Word Of Encouragement

Let's all press forward for the things of Christ!  This world is soon passing! Some of you guys I've been in the Lord for a few years now and need to grab a hold of some of these younger guys and take them to breakfast or lunch and spend time with them and talk about the Lord and raise these guys up for the next generation for the Lord. 

What Is God Doing
In Your Life?

Within the last two years, the Lord has been doing much in our life. I have seen my youngest son, Grant, age 24, get married in Sept 2013,  to a beautiful Christian young lady by the name of Tabitha. My oldest son Garrett, age 26, (June 6th - he'll be 27) he just got married in April 2015, to another beautiful young Christian lady named Amy. So now both of my sons are married and they both have houses of their own, praise the Lord!

The church I am pastoring now is Calvary Chapel Rosedale Bakersfield. We've been at church now for roughly 3 years. We are a smaller congregation of about 40 people. Before pastoring, I have been out here discipling many of men for Jesus. One gentleman in particular, his name Ryan Gause. He is a wonderful young man (age 37). I spent roughly 5 years discipling him and he was called to serve with Dion Douville in Idaho. Dion shipped him to Calvary Chapel Rosarito Mexico for missionary work and Calvary Chapel Rosarito , MX sent Ryan and his family to start a new work in La Paz Mexico. And now , Ryan will be senior pastoring a church in Tijuana beaches here in July 2015. That is a praise report to Jesus Christ and His faithfulness to Count me worthy to disciple is people. Olivia and I will be celebrating our 30th year marriage, here on July 13, 2015. That is a praise report as well ,because she had to put up with me for so many years.

I am still bi-vocational. The vocation I am in is self-employment where I ,currently ,have two video game stores here in Bakersfield. Praise the Lord, I recently sold two of my four stores. That is another Praise Report! 

April 2014 Update

Hume Family Hagerman, Idaho

Hume Family

Hagerman, Idaho

Larry Hume

Larry Hume

Vianne Hume

Vianne Hume

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Hallman Family

Williamsburg, Virginia

Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom

Calvary Chapel Williamsburg

Calvary Chapel Williamsburg

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November 2013 Update

Prayer Requests:

1. God's favor to be able to purchase the church building at a fair price and in the right timing.

2. Approval for a Visa for Donnie from Zimbabwe to serve as youth leader.

3. Matthew becoming a missionary to Costa Rica to be a part of a new church plant... CC Liberia to begin in January.

4. Desire to grow in the knowledge of the Word and to serve.

5. Desire to attend Women's and Men's Bible Studies.

6. Youth to commit their hearts and lives to Jesus.

7. Raise up a Marriage Ministry.

8. Grow a heart of worship and worship team.

9. Possible youth conference in January.

10. Church plant of CC Valencia Trinidad- salvation and growing families in Jesus.

11. Foundations class Nov 16th.

12. Women's Christmas Tea Dec 7th.

Praise Reports!

1. God is drawing people to the 2 services.

2. Nepal missions trip - 300 men attended conference.

3. Trinidad missions trip a great work. God is drawing another couple to be possibly sent out.

4. New work at retirement center.

5. Many were recently baptized. 

Phipps Family - Glenn, Farah, Caleb, Jonah, Ethan, Boaz

Okinawa, Japan





November 2015 Update

What God is doing? God is doing some great things here in Iwakuni.  We just commemorated 10 years of ministry for Calvary Chapel Iwakuni on last Sunday’s service.  I am blessed to be able to continue the work that began with Pastor Mike Silva.  We’ve been in Iwakuni for over 2 years now and we fall more and more in love with it each day.  It really is an incredible blessing to be here and to serve the Lord!

The church is healthy, we are looking at moving to two services at the beginning of the new year.  I strongly feel that the Lord is preparing us for a wave of ministry that will both bless and challenge us.  The military base we are outside of is expected to more than double in its population by the beginning of 2017.  I feel that God has been speaking to me about getting ready now for an increase even though the bulk of the increase isn’t expected for more than a year.  Perhaps God will build us up prior to the increase, or maybe it will just be a season of preparation for things still to come.  I don’t know exactly.  All I know is that I strongly feel that the Lord wants us to get ready now instead of waiting for people a year from now.

Recently I was challenged from 2 Kings 3:16-17 which speaks about making ditches to receive water from the Lord.  I felt it was from the Lord telling me to get ready now, “to dig the ditches” for God is about to send water our way (a wave of people).  We recently had Keegan and Maai Davis move to Iwakuni and they are starting to get plugged in to the ministry.  They come via CC Okinawa (Keegan actually has a history with Tom as well).  We’re excited to have them here and hope that they will be blessed and be a blessing.  The Toma family is still here with us faithfully serving.  Roy does a ton of behind the scenes work that is a huge blessing.  We’re blessed to have people come along side of us and the ministry to serve the Lord here in Iwakuni.  God is faithful to provide in more ways than we can even imagine.

Our family is well.  Farah continues to homeschool Caleb (14), Jonah (11), and Ethan (10) while chasing Boaz (2) around the house.  Caleb started attending online schooling through Calvary Online part time, while Jonah and Ethan are doing something called Classical Conversations.  Both Caleb and Jonah are attending youth group on Friday nights and are maturing in the Lord.  Ethan will join them next year and he can’t wait. 

Farah and I are doing great.  We enjoyed the trip of a lifetime this last summer as the Lord provided for us to travel with Pastor Rick Barnett to Israel.  It was an incredible trip; life-changing!  We enjoy serving the Lord together and continuing to grow in our love for one another. 

Farah’s been doing monthly “T-Times” (The “T” stands for Titus and is based off of Titus 2:3-5) with the ladies where the ladies get together for some sort of craft or activity and then have a teaching that coincides with the event.  The response has been very encouraging.  Farah just doesn’t have the time or energy to host a weekly Bible study, but that’s ok.  It’s the season she is in and it has been a very fruitful season.  The ladies are growing together and in the Lord and that is awesome.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for God’s continued leading in our preparations for the coming new year.  Pray for more opportunities to be light and salt in the Iwakuni community.

Specifically, please pray for a family in our church that recently found out the wife has cancer.  The doctors are unsure as to the best way to attack the cancer.  We’re looking to attack it through prayer.  Would you consider joining with us in praying for the Young Family; Andre, Masami (breast cancer) and their two children Riki (3 years old) & Melody (1 year old)?

Praise Reports: Praise the Lord for 10 years of His faithfulness; all glory to God!  Praise God for His provision of laborers to work His harvest.  Praise the Lord for opportunities to travel and be refreshed and challenged (to Israel this last summer and Farah traveling to the Pastors’ Wives Conference, as well as a couple local conferences)

Words of encouragement for Living Water: Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”  God sees the good you do.  Don’t grow weary.  Continue forward, trusting God to bring about a great harvest in His perfect timing!

September 2014 Update

First off, thanks for your continued support of our family and the ministry the Lord has called us to in Iwakuni, Japan.

What has God done?

God is continuing the work the Lord began through the Silva family here in Iwakuni.  September marks for us one year of ministry in Iwakuni and it has been a year marked with stretching and growing and blessing.  In November of last year, the church celebrated 8 years of ministry in Iwakuni with a church campout.  The rain threatened to put a damper on the day, but God showed up BIG time holding back the rain and giving us a great time of fellowship.  In the winter my boys saw snow fall for the first time in their lives.  We had another church outing filled with sledding and snowball fights over the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.  For Easter we did a special combined sun-rise prayer service with the base chapel and other local ministries on the Kintai Bridge.  We prayed for the community and the Lord’s work in Japan, and for the different local ministries.  Later in the morning we had our own Easter church service marked with a wonderful afternoon of fellowship.  We had a tough time during March, April, and May.  We had to say good-bye to a number of families that had been plugged in and leaders of various ministries.  We were praying for God to provide people to step up and for the finances of the church as well.  As we looked forward, traditionally the church had experienced a drop during the summer months of people and finances and I was wondering what the Lord was doing.  After praying and receiving council from the church board, we decided to just wait things out and see what the Lord would do.  And I’m very blessed to say that the Lord has provided.  A new squadron from Okinawa has been relocated to Iwakuni and we have seen a number of new families that have come to CCI.  Also, people that have been herein Iwakuni for a while are starting to come check things out to see what God is doing in His church.  I’ve been amazed to see new faces practically every single week.  What I thought would be a time of shrinking during the summer has become a time of growth.  Praise the Lord. 

What is God doing?

I honestly wonder the answer to that question as well.  As mentioned, the Lord has been bringing a number of new families and we’re praying the Lord shows us how to best serve, encourage and equip them.  We desperately need the Lord to lead us in that area.  We have had an all-of-a-sudden increase in people but not a lot of people that are trained and ready to serve the needs of a growing church body.  We are praying the Lord will stir within their hearts a desire to serve and bring their gifts and talents to the church to build up and encourage one another.  Also, a missionary family that serves with us, the Toma family, has rented out a small one bedroom place right next to their house in hopes that the Lord may provide another missionary/volunteer that can come alongside the work the Lord is doing here in Iwkauni. 

On Sunday mornings we’ve been going through the Gospel of Matthew since I’ve been here.  I started where Pastor Mike had left off in Matthew 6 and will be teaching from Matthew 22 this week.  After our study in the book of Matthew I hope to begin a study through the book of Acts.  On Wednesdays we finished our study of the book of Job that began right when I got here and have now started going through the book of Psalms.  Roy Toma will be starting a small Japanese Bible study on Sunday mornings with hopes that more Japanese people will start coming around.  Once a month, we also reach out to a local orphanage that has presented us with an opportunity to love on some local Japanese kids.  It has been a tremendous blessing to show these kids the Love of the Lord.  The church has a small youth group our eldest, Caleb, attends that meets on Friday nights and has potential to become something I believe the Lord could truly bless.  Currently, there are no opportunities for youth ministry provided on the military base for several hundred kids.  Our church’s youth ministry is one of only a couple avenues for youth to plug into and be encouraged by their peers in their walk with the Lord.  In addition to these things the Lord has Farah and I holding a prayer meeting at our house every other week.  It’s been great just getting together and praying for the church, the community, and the Lord’s work in Iwakuni.  Sometimes it’s just Farah and I, but we still pray and are still blessed when we do so. 

Prayer Requests

  • Vision and direction from the Lord for the future
  • Provision and strength to serve the Lord
  • For the Lord to send laborers into His harvest
  • Wisdom on how to best minister and reach out to the Japanese locals
  • Our family, especially our boys that they too would desire to serve the Lord
  • God would give us strength as we homeschool our children


Praise Reports

  • God is sending two different young Japanese ladies to come alongside the ministry over the next couple of months.  MaKi Toma is from CC Okinawa and Tamiko Murakami is from CC Ginowan.  We’re blessed and excited to see what the Lord has in store for them. 
  • God has provided us with a new worship leader; a young single marine named Nick.  He has been a blessing from the Lord.  Currently he is the only person we have that is willing and able to lead the congregation in worship.  Pray for God’s provision of others that will be able to lead the congregation in case Nick is not available.
  • Caleb and I recently returned from a father-son outing to Mt. Fuji.  Although we didn’t get to the top, we had a great time together and returned home safely, blessed by the experience.
  • Financial provision for the church to be able to cover the monthly expenses.
  • Provision for our family to come back to the states to visit family and friends and for Farah to attend the Pastor’s Wives Conference during the month of October.
  • Good health

Encouraging Word for CCLW

1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

We so much appreciate your willingness to keep us supported through prayer, love gifts, and fellowship.  Although you may not see first-hand the effects of your prayers, know that the Lord hears them and is using them here in Iwakuni, Japan.  We find great strength and hope knowing that we have the support of prayer from our extended church family at Calvary Chapel Living Water.  We pray that you would not grow weary in doing good, but would know that your efforts are reaping rewards here and for all eternity.  May God continue to bless you, lead you, fill you, and empower you for His kingdom.  God is using you as you wage warfare in the spiritual realm as you persevere in prayer.  Thank you and God bless!

Ps – If any of you would like to come see firsthand the fruits of your labor, you are more than welcome to come pay us a visit.  We’d love to show you around Iwakuni, Japan and to co-labor with you side by side.   

August 2013 Update


Please pray for the Lord to continue to show us His vision for the ministry and that we would be confident in our steps of faith that we believe He is leading and directing us in. 

Please pray for the body as we anticipate much change coming.  Summers are especially difficult as many people leave on military orders.  Pray that changes will be accepted, not dwelt upon, and that they would excite the body and stir within them a desire to serve the Lord even more. 

Pray for our family:  Farah still has a blood clot in her right calf that’s been a source of physical pain and emotional stress.  Boaz is dealing with reflux that doesn’t allow him to sleep comfortably, which in turn doesn’t allow us to sleep comfortably.  Caleb is going to be joining our youth group this summer and has been looking forward to this for some time, pray he adjusts well.  Jonah has a temper and struggles with self-control and obedience; pray he becomes obedient to Christ and to us as his parents.  Ethan needs patience with his brothers, they sometimes pick on him as the little guy and he needs more patience to not overreact and to be able to sense the Lord’s leading during those times of stretching.


We thank the Lord for the precious gift of another son, Boaz Elias Phipps.  He was born at 32 weeks and 5 days and weighed in at 3 lbs. 3 oz.  The Lord was with him through it all and gave him the strength to breath and grow on his own.  Despite the craziness that the event brought, we thank the Lord that he overwhelmed both Farah and I with a great sense of peace and comfort.  We were confident that the Lord was with our son no matter what the outcome, and were extremely blessed to see the Lord’s favor upon him.

On July 25th, Farah and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us.  I thank the Lord that our love continues to grow for one another and that He continues to be the center of our marriage. 

On August 14th we will hit a big milestone for our time in Okinawa, Japan.  August 14 marks 10 years of ministry in Okinawa.  We’re so thankful to the Lord for His leading, guiding and calling to serve Him in the nation of Japan and specifically for the time we’ve had in Okinawa.  God continues to be extremely gracious to us and we are so thankful.  Pray our hearts for ministry continue to grow and that the Lord uses us for His kingdom and for His glory. 

Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to us in His provision.  The Lord has taken care of our every need and overflows our cup with blessings beyond measure.  Pray the Lord continues to provide for us with the needed provisions. 

Ministry Update:

I continue to serve at Calvary Chapel Okinawa as the ministry overseer.  I also have the blessing of leading our Saturday morning Men’s Bible Study.  Pray for God’s guidance in our current building.  The owners of the building want us to buy the building, which we are very interested in doing, but the owner of the land is not so interested in selling.  We would like to be able to at the very least purchase the land that the building sits upon.  Please pray God would show us His desire in this situation.  The initial asking price for the building is equivalent to over a million US dollars.  We don’t have those type of finances (no where close), but the Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hillsides (Psalm 50:10) so we will look to Him for leading and provision.  Our VBS runs from August 5th through the 9th.  We already have well over a hundred kids registered with one Sunday still to go before we kick things off on Monday.  Pray God’s Spirit will be leading as we outreach to our community and inreach to our own families’ children and friends.  The church will be going through some transition with key volunteers departing.  Pray God provides for the holes that are left behind and that His ministry continues to happen at CCO.

Ruiz Family Okinawa, Japan

Ruiz Family

Okinawa, Japan

Pastor Tom's Facebook

Pastor Tom's Facebook

E3 Missions

E3 Missions

Joanna Ruiz

Joanna Ruiz

December 2015 Update

Prayer Requests

  •  That God would continue to do His work in our lives and the lives here in Ginowan City with the Church
  • We are in the process of purchasing a house here in Okinawa
  •  We are taking a trip to Israel May 2016
  • The Bible College semester just ended and we are looking forward to the Spring 2016 semester.

Praise Reports

  •  February 2016 we will celebrate CCGinowan 10 year anniversary. We will be having a celebration at the Church.
  • We recently just finished the remodel in the downstairs bathrooms. We added a Women's restroom. So there are now two restrooms in the Downstairs Sanctuary
  • We became Grandparents this year, so we are so blessed
  • Praise to the Lord that He has sustained all of us through the passing of both my Parents. Praise be to the Lord for His mighty hands to save both of them. 

Word of Encouragement To Living Water

 It is all about Jesus Christ. About continuing a loving relationship with Jesus Christ every day. Just one day with Jesus. We need to make sure that we begin our day in the Word of God and prayer. So that we will be prepared for whatever the Lord has in store for us. Most of the difficulties in life can be handled and overcome if we would just spend time with our Savior in the morning. That we would realize that it is all about Jesus. Loving God and loving one another.

September 2013 Update

Praise Reports!

  • All the Fall students have arrived & classes have begun with no problems. 
  • Tom will be sharing at the CC Southeast Asia Conference in Hong Kong in two weeks, so prayer for that (he's leading worship too) 
  • Tom met with the owners of the church building - they have given us an extention on purchasing the building until January...THIS IS GREAT NEWS - because they could have stopped the lease & kicked us out! 
  • God provided a very cheap small car for Tom to drive - one of our ministry vans needs to be junked, but God provided for Tom ahead of time. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Purchase of Church Building:  Our lease is due in January. We have been working on a bank loan, but banks are sketchy to loan to foreign missionaries. Prayer for God to provide the finances His way.
  2. Integrity English School: This is an outreach of the church to the community that employes Rob & myself. We are seeking direction on God opening new doors to help kids with their English, but not being too overwhelmed with the "work" and not  focusing on ministry. Praying how to be effective in using this also to reach families. 
  3. Church & Bible College sites:  Growth in the Japanese believers, boldness in their witness and encouragement to others. Protection & guidance in the Bible College. More Japanese students to attend & more Japanese instructors! 
  4. Guidance & protection for Zach & his crew - maybe for a house to open up close to them - so that there will be more room for girls & guys & not so crowded.
2013-09 Ruiz Family.JPG
Zach Ruiz Tokyo, Japan

Zach Ruiz

Tokyo, Japan

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Sedota Family Daejeon, South Korea

Sedota Family

Daejeon, South Korea

Daniel & Nayeon

Daniel & Nayeon

Calvary Chapel Daejeon

Calvary Chapel Daejeon

March 2016 Update

Greetings from South Korea CCLW!

    We are blessed to be this month’s Missionaries of the Month! We truly appreciate your prayers. For many years, I sat in those chairs on Wednesday night Bible studies, praying for our missionaries, asking the Lord to use me the way I saw Him using the missionaries we had sent out. I thought little of what I did each week, but now I realize the affect it has made on us here in Korea, as you all have been faithful to lift us up each week. We have seen God work in amazing ways, and He’s brought us through very difficult times, and we’re thankful that you’ve been alongside us the whole time covering us in prayer. 

    God has blessed Nayeon and I with two healthy, beautiful girls. It has been a very big change in our household, raising two kids, but God has sustained us. But we are comforted that we are not alone in our struggle to put little ones to sleep! (Lord HELP ME! lol)  Ella just had her second birthday, and Elin just passed 100 days old (In Korean culture, they make a big day of it). We thank God for our “little blessings” each day, they are so precious. Due to the birth of the Elin and the difficulty of taking care of two kids, I took a break from the ministry I’ve been a part of at our church. We were helping for about 2 years at CC Cheonan, but I believe God has called us back to Daejeon for the time being. I hope when Mommy is a bit more mobile with the baby (and when it warms up! So cold lately), we can get back to CC Daejeon and the ministry that is going on there. There has been a lot going on, so let me fill you in on what’s happening.

    We have been growing in size at CC Daejeon, especially in our kid’s ministry. We have been getting some foreigner families (from the States), that have been bringing their little ones. I hope to soon help again with this ministry, as well as the worship ministry. CC Daejeon has, for some time now, been slowing preparing to open a K-12 Christian school. Finally we are opening our school, CCSOT (Calvary Christian School of Tomorrow), on March 2nd. We have a family with 3 children that will attend, that will soon be sent as missionaries to India. Please pray for this new step of faith, to provide a more affordable alternative for a Christian International education in Korea for children.      Check us out here! 

    Well that’s about it for now, but look forward to seeing us in the end of July! We have already bought some tickets for the four of us, and my in-laws (or outlaws 😉 which ever you prefer…just kidding ^^). We hope to meet and fellowship with you all then! Please don’t hesitate to contact our family. Thanks again for your prayers, we love you all. Continue to grow in His grace and be used by Him, until the nets are full and we’re with Him forevermore! 
    In His Service, 
        Daniel, Nayeon, Ella, and Elin Sedota

January 2014 Update

Really appreciate all the extra prayer and support. We feel very blessed to have so much love coming from the States, knowing that we are not doing it alone, but that you all are a part of the work also through your prayers. 


  • Prayer for our baby girl. She is 30 weeks and growing really well. Prayers for Nayeon and strength are appreciated. Also the Lord’s provision on things we need to buy for the baby.
  • Cheonan Church. I’ve been serving there for about 2 months now and things are still going well. Pray for my faithfulness to study hard and pray even harder for the fellowship and ministry. Pray for what God wants to do with the ministry, if someone else will come take it over or if God wants to keep me there for a while. It is the Lord’s ministry, and He will definitely take care of the details, but I just want to be faithful to serve His people as long as I can. 
  • CC Daejeon- Gen (sister from Philippines) has taken over the worship for me in Daejeon and is doing well. Pray for Pastor Mike as things with the Bible College are changing this semester while he teaches at a Christian Seminary in the city. Pray for ministry taking place on the multiple campuses we visit each week (Chungnam, KAIST, and Seminary). 
  • Please pray for general direction and vision for our family. This includes our child, work, moving houses, ministry, and whatever path God wants to lead us down. 

Smith Family

Watsonville, CA

Pastor Dylan

Pastor Dylan

Anabel Smith

Anabel Smith

December 2014 Update

Thank you for your prayers and support, they are essential.  The past couple of years have been challenging ones, we have seen church attendance slowly slide down and we have had a lack of someone leading worship on Wednesday evenings for years now.  We have only one other person rotating with Anabel teaching the children’s ministry on Sunday and Wednesday’s.  In January we moved to a smaller affordable building that we share with a Spanish church, which is good because our set up time is reduced, but since it’s in a two story office building (and we are on the top floor) we don’t have any outside place for the children to go.

Moving to the brighter side, we know the Lord has called us to continue to minister here and share the Gospel and to equip the saints of the Pajaro Valley-so we continue to move forward.  A brother in the church has had a desire to reach out to motorcycle riders (bikers) so we started a biker church every other month.  It has really been a blessing for those who come-consistently we have at least four different Christian motorcycle clubs come and attend.  We have also had several outreaches with these groups, one being last Saturday where we brought presents to a local mental health facility and shared with the people and staff that live there-we know that exciting things are happening with this ministry.  We are praying about holding this every month and asking the Lord to provide servants to help with the set up and breakdown along with other practical aspects required for holding the service monthly.  Anabel is going to start up again a women’s Bible study in January studying through the Book of Colossians.  Finally, we are asking the Father to lead and guide us for this upcoming year!

Newell Family Okinawa, Japan

Newell Family

Okinawa, Japan

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Tim & Ayu

Tim & Ayu

August 2015 Update

The Lord has been doing a wonderful work.  We've been in Nago City doing a church plant since 2009.  Until a couple months ago we had a wonderful missionary couple, The DIaz', with us for 3 years.  The Lord has had another missionary here with us for about a year now, his name is Joel Coronado and he continues to serve the Lord with us here in Nago City.  In the house we are renting we were doing Bible Studies and had English classes for church and self support for 5 years.  Last year the Lord provided a separate building for us to purchase for the church. God is faithful and has provided in ways that only He can.  We are just in awe!  We are few in number, but the folks that are coming are now very active in serving the Lord and each other.  People are in God's Word and are applying it to their lives.  Please continue to pray for Calvary Chapel Nago.  We love you and are very grateful for your prayer support and encouraging words!

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom, provision and peace for our family and our missionary Joel Coronado
  • The ministry (English classes, summer outreaches, and stand up paddle board/surf outreach) 
  • Homeschooling from next year, transition to go well
  • Thankful for our state side supporters and praying for more.
  • Tim's work to pick up (to pay bills, etc.)
  • Trip to the states (we would love to visit the family and church family every year or so but God has to provide the tickets and the money to cover payments while we are gone) 
  • Praise God for the families getting involving in ministries at church.  Over half of the adults attending have recently been very involved in the ministry.
  • Pray for our sister in the Lord Mrs. Maeda to be healed from cancer(stage4)

June 2014 Update

Ministry updates:

  1. The Lord provided a place for us to grow in to.  We are working on the building while we hold services and classes in the building.  We will have the building dedication June 22nd.  
    We had been meeting in the house we are renting for the past 5yrs.  Our English classes out grew the space.  After looking around for a few years The Lord provided the perfect place to purchase in His perfect timing.  Each step of the way it's really amazing to see The Lord in it. 
    There's still a lot to be done and we don't intend on finishing everything before the dedication. 

  2. Summer outreaches.
    Every summer we have a kids VBS and Youth outreaches at the local beaches and parks. This year Mario Mendoza will be joining us and helping out.

  3. Pray for families in the church.
    One family deals with depression, another family the husband has a really tough work schedule and can rarely come to Bible Studies, and pray for the salvation of the husband/father of another family (he started coming to Bible studies with his family).

  4. Our band 'Hakugaijin' has been privileged to play music and share the Gospel at so many places.  The end of last year and the beginning of this year was really busy and so blessed.

  5. We were blessed this year with a third child, our first girl Yui Emily Newell.  Our boys love having her around.  

Prayer requests: 

  • Provisions for the new place.
  • Carpentry ability/skills to change the storage room in to the sanctuary. 
  • People to come to The Lord at the Summer Outreaches.
  • Spiritual health and growth for the families in the church. 
  • The Diaz' Japanese language skills and safe travels as they come back from visiting the states (missionary family that has been with us for 3 years)
  • Hakugaijin band outreaches, and  provision and time to make a new CD. 
  • Provision for our family to visit the states.
Wunderlich Family Okinawa, Japan

Wunderlich Family

Okinawa, Japan

Pastor Rob

Pastor Rob

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