July - Gil & Olivia Garcia

My name is Gil Garcia, as a few of you know. I have been married to wife, Olivia, for 32 years. My wife and I, share two grown boys, Garrett and Grant.  I was one of the “OG” pastors of CC Living Water. I assisted Pastor Tommy Ruiz Jr, from approx. 1992 to 1998. The Lord called me to Bakersfield, CA., in 1998. I did not know anyone. I did not have a family nor relatives in Bakersfield. I was born and raised in Corona, CA. All of my family and my wife’s family were in Corona. The Lord put Genesis 12:1 in my heart to obey:

Genesis 12:1, Now the Lord had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, From your family And from your father's house, To a land that I will show you.

After He gave me Gen 12:1, I did not know where to go, until the Lord showed me in a dream or vision (still trying to figure out what it was-LOL).  I saw in that dream or vision freeway signs….” Bakersfield 125 miles “to go and then more Bakersfield freeway signs etc... so I told Pastor Tommy, I feel that the Lord is telling to go to Bakersfield, CA. Well to make a long story short, I’ve been in Bakersfield, now for 19 years. It has not, at all, been easy ministering out here. I’ve started the church twice. I tried the first time in 1999, It lasted just six short months.  After years of helping out another Calvary Chapel in town, it folded as a church. I kept discipling other men, through midweek bible study and morning breakfast and lunches, through the years. 

In 2013, The Lord led me to start an evening home bible study for men/women and families. This Bible study later became Calvary Chapel Rosedale of Bakersfield. I’ve been senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Rosedale for the past five years now. We minister in the northwest of Bakersfield. Our congregation is small 40-50-person church.  We rent out an elementary school named “Columbia Elementary”.  Our service times are Sunday’s at 10:30AM and our Midweek Study is on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM.

Prayer Needs:

1. A Building of our own (with Class rooms), We are praying 2017-2018 the Lord will bless us!
2. More biblical leaders and families to come be a part of us
3. Movement of the Holy Spirit to continue to fill our church and breath “fresh life” into us.
4. Bring more young families into our congregation.
5. Continued growth, as a bible teacher.
6. Prayer for my personal family growth in the Lord. (and Grand Babies!)
7. Prayer for new direction and vision for our church.
8. Once we get a new building, pray for new chairs and building improvement capital.
9. We need prayer for a missionary in La Playas, TJ Mexico. His name is Ryan Gause ( Wife Karen and Teenagers 2 girls and 2 boys)
10. David and Andrelle Garcia ( Young ministering couple in our church) they are expecting their first baby the first week of July 2017.