Genesis 4, Cain's Survival

Question: If the ground would no longer produce for Cain how did he survive?  Does this mean that he could tend animals, but not grow plants?  Six generations out we read that Jubal played the harp and flute.  I don't know if he made his living at this but Tubal-cain forged tools of bronze and iron that he probably made money at this.  Were there others ways to survive other than raising animals or plants? Answer: I do not know that the curse meant that nothing would grow, as much as it would mean that he was a scavenger. Cain was a farmer, which was probably a joyful thing for him, more than work. He was gifted at working the ground. The curse changed that, but things would still grow on their own. He would scrape by, instead of being a successful farmer. As for other occupations, it is certainly possible. We do not know much about pre-flood life. -PJ