Genesis 5, Is The Genealogy Complete?

Question: Thanks for taking my question.  This chapter refers to Seth's line.  I have read some commentaries that state that this might not be a complete line, but members may be missing.  Do you know why they say this?  Are they trying to make room for an evolutionary time line to fit? Answer: Those who hold to the view that there are gaps in the genealogy of Genesis 5 are primarily concerned with the age of the earth. For example, some archaeological evidence suggests civilization dates back to 12,000 or 18,000 B.C., but the Biblical record accounts for about 6,000 years. There is no good Biblical reason to see gaps in the genealogy. If you want all the super technical details of both sides there is a very complete article on the Answers In Genesis website.  I prefer the straightforward reading of the genealogy, which has no gaps. -PJ

Is The Genesis 5 Genealogy Complete?

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