Genesis 8, Symbols

Question: I have read commentaries about the raven being a symbol of the flesh and the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and also the numbers having meaning to them. Moses had influences from Egypt and other eastern cultures; is it possible that the meanings regarding the numbers come from eastern influences, such as 7 being complete. I ask because numerology is used in many cultures. I only ask because Moses wrote the book. Answer: I think we have to be careful when it comes to ascribing meaning to animals, events, numbers, or anything else. Many of the things we have heard, and "know" are not actually stated in the Bible. For example, you will not find a verse that says the number 7 means completion or perfection. That does not mean that numbers do not have meaning, or that there are not symbols in Scripture, it just means we have to be careful. Where the Bible declares that something is symbolic, we can have full confidence in it (Galatians 2:21-31). Where it does not, we cannot ascribe meaning with absolute certainty. The Holy Spirit was Moses' influence, not eastern religions. When we ascribe meaning to something the Bible is not clear on, we are all subject to outside influences. -PJ