Exodus 24:12, Who was where?

Question: I am a little confused on who was where in this chapter.  Moses and certain men were called to go up to the Lord.  We are told in verse 9 that the men climbed the mountain and saw the God of Israel and ate a meal.  Then Moses was called to go higher and Aaron and Hur were told to stay put, wait and to settle disputes.  Where is Aaron and Hur waiting?  Are they on the mountain or down with the people? Verse 17 speaks of the Israelites at the foot of the mountain.  Is this the all Israelites are just the leaders? Answer: It is not very clear who is exactly where, but here is the way I understand it. Moses and the elders go up the mountain, not all the way, but to a certain point. There they eat, and then God calls Moses to come into His presence. So Moses goes up higher to meet with God and he is up there for 40 days until Exodus 32 when God sends him down because of the golden calf. So Aaron and the elders went back down to the people after Moses went higher to meet God. -PJ

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