Genesis 1-2, Eve

Question: Forgive me for reading ahead but, something that has always confused me is why in chapter 1 it says that God made both male and female in his image and gave them dominion over everything but then in chapter 2 it says God saw that there was no helper for Adam so he created a wife for him.. is this suggesting that there were already females but a "wife" and helper was created in a more intimate way for Adam from his own flesh.. just curious..

Answer: Genesis 2 is not the next thing that happened sequentially. Genesis 2 goes back and gives more detail of the overview in Genesis 1. So both chapters describe the same event. Eve was the first woman created, and she was unique because she was formed from a piece of Adam's side. Genesis 3:20, And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living. -PJ