Leviticus 5:1, Sacrifices for open rebellion?

Question: Last night you mentioned that the tresspass offering, or any offering for that matter, was not for open rebellion, but then you quoted chapter 5 verse one, "If you are called to testify about something you have seen or that you know about, it is sinful to refuse to testify, and you will be punished for your sin." Wouldn't this be an example of open rebellion? Answer: The priests would be involved in deciding how to handle certain cases, and classifying what activity was what kind of sin. I think the easiest way to understand it is whether or not the sin was pre-meditated. If sin is pre-meditated, it is rebellion. If it is not pre-meditated, it is weakness. Consider the instruction for presumptuous sin in Numbers 15:30-31. The testifying was not as formal as today, it was on the spot and not scheduled in advance. So a person put on the spot, may panic in that moment and keep quiet even though it is wrong. That is sin, but not pre-meditated rebellion. -PJ

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