Deuteronomy 12:15, Eating Meat Freely

Question: Verses 15, 20 and 22 speak of freely eating meat.  Earlier in the year I had a question about why the people were desiring meat and the Lord sent quail.  It looks like that although the people had herd and flocks they were possibly only using them for sacrifices because now they are given permission to eat meat freely like they now eat gazelle and deer. Is this logical? Answer: Yep! That is logical. The context is about to change for them... they are moving from the wilderness into the promised land. When they get settled in the promised land, this is the law for eating meat. In the wilderness it was required that it be a sacrifice, because they were close to the tabernacle. In the promised land, they will be more spread out and "if it is too far" (v21) then they could kill and eat from their flocks and herds at home. The other side of that is, if they were not too far, they were still supposed to come and offer it to the Lord. -PJ