Joshua 12:9-24, Does the Bible give us the names for all 31 kings? And why does it say one?

Question: It talks on Joshua 12:9-24 about kings  for each place but not their names do u know where is there a place where  it talks  about each of these kings?  And why does it say one? Answer:

God only chose to give us the names of eight of the 31 kings mentioned in this portion of scripture.  I believe the use of the word "one" is just to stress the fact that there was only one king per city conquered.  Here is a list of the eight kings and where they are found in the Bible:

City                        King                       Verse

Jerusalem           Adoni-Zedek         Joshua 10:1

Hebron                Hoham                  Joshua 10:3

Jarmuth              Piram                     Joshua 10:3

Lachish                Japhia                   Joshua 10:3

Eglon                    Debir                    Joshua 10:3

Gezer                    Horam                  Joshua 10:3

Madon                 Jobab                    Joshua 11:1

Hazor                   Jabin                    Joshua 11:1