Judges 19:25 Did the "OLD MAN's" daughter go with the Levites Concubine

Question: In Judge's 19: 25 it says the Levite pushed his concubine out the door. Did the "old man" have his daughter leave the house as well? Or was it just the Levites Concubine who was sent out of the house?  Answer: According to scripture, it looks like it was just the Levites' Concubine who was thrown out of the house, and not the daughter.  It seems, according to the story, that the "old man" made an offer to send the concubine & his own daughter to face those perverse men.  The men refused the offer, and still wanted to "see" the Levite.  It seems that the Levite cared more about his own safety than his concubine, because as the men continued to try and beat down the door, the Levite threw his concubine out the door...  almost treating her like a peace a meat to wild dogs.  It really is a sad story, and shows the depravity and selfishness of man. -JH