Why did God allow men such as David in scripture to have Concubines

Question: If marriage is between 1 man & 1 women, why did God allow men such as David in scipture to have Concubines? Answer:

God does not allow the men in scripture such as David to have concubines, as seen in the bible passages such as Deut 17:17 & Gen 2:24.  The amazing and wonderful thing about the Bible however, is that the Bible shares with us history, and with sharing that history, God doesn’t sugar coat humanity’s sinful nature.  It really shows the depravity of man, but the wonderful GRACE, MERCY & LOVE of our Lord.  To still desire and choose & use men & women who have great faults. Looking at such men as David, or even Abraham, and their choice in having more than one wife, because of their disobedience to God, there where consequences they had to face.  God doesn’t allow for such sins as we see “Godly” men committing in the Bible, it simply records their sins, but shows the consequences as well.

Putting people like David in the Bible though (who was a liar, murder, adulterer & polygamist) gives us great hope in that we know God used him despite his faults.  If He can use a man such as this, how much more can He use us?-JH