Genesis 4:15, Sevenfold Vengeance

Question: hello Pastor Jerry this is Alliyah Genesis 4:15 therefore whoever kills Cain vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.... please explain? Answer: God sentenced Cain to a hard life of wandering the earth, and Cain feared that someone would kill him to get back at him for killing Abel. So God put a mark on Cain with a warning of vengeance. A person seeing the mark on Cain would know this warning. So what would have happened if someone killed Cain? What does sevenfold vengeance look like? We really do not know. God could have been talking about a sevenfold judgment in eternity, or it could mean that it is a judgment that would affect their whole family, or something else we have not thought of. Even though we cannot figure it out, God knew what He meant and He possessed the means to bring vengeance. -PJ