In this series from 2005, Pastor Jerry walks us through what we believe and why.

In this series Pastor Jerry takes a close look at Paul's exhortation to put on the full armor of God in Ephesians 6.

Pastor Cisco & Jerry tackle the subject of dating at this youth conference. 

In this series from 2007-2008, Pastor Jerry explores the grace of God in depth. 

In this series Pastor Jerry explores what Jesus meant when He said that it was an advantage for the disciples for Him to leave. 

Part 1 - The Spirit In You

Part 2 - The Spirit Produces Fruit In You

Part 3 - The Spirit Upon You

Part 4 - The Spirit Gifts You

Part 5 - The Spirit Gifts You For Fellowship

Part 6 - The Spirit Gifts You For Service

Part 7 - The Spirit Gifts You For Life

Part 8 - Walk In The Spirit

In this series from 2011, Pastor Jerry explains the role of spiritual gifts in church services from 1 Corinthians 14. 

Part 1 - Overview Of Gifts In A Service

Part 2 - Prophecy

Part 3 - Tongues & Interpretation

Session 1 - Pastor Gayle Erwin

Session 2 - Pastor Gayle Erwin

Session 3 - Pastor Gayle Erwin

Session 4 - Pastor Gayle Erwin

Session 5 - Pastor Gayle Erwin

A special series of messages from Luke 12:41-48

Luke 12:41-48, Be A Faithful And Wise Steward

Luke 12:47-48, Wise Stewards Know The Master's Will 

Luke 12:47-48, God's Will For Stewards At CCLW

Luke 12:47-48, Faithful Stewards Prepare Themselves

Luke 12:42-46, Faithful Stewards Finish Well

Luke 12:45-46, Faithful Stewards Expect The Master's Return

Luke 12:41-48, Stewards Will Give Account

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